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Health insurance and Life insurance are often seen as a 'grudge' expense. The truth is in our 20's many of us are filled with hope and optimism about the lives we're working towards, perhaps finding a partner and starting a family... maybe buying a home. In short, designing a life "we" want to live, not one that's been dictated to us. So it's easy to fail to contemplate that without the right insurance cover those dreams could be derailed by an accident or illness that robs us of our ability to earn a living and fund those dreams. Life Assurance provide the insurance advice required to make the best decisions as you consider your insurance options.



Life Assurance help with insurance advice on the diverse range of insurance types, so individuals, families and loved ones can mitigate the impact of....

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Options include insurance for all aspects of your business. Including Group schemes or Life Interruption insurance options for your employees...

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Protect your family from the costs they won't want to think about. Without insurance, funeral costs can place significant financial burden on families...

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6 Steps To Consider Before Buying Life Insurance

Newly married? Had a baby? Started a new career? Bought a new house? These are some of the reasons you should be reviewing your Life Insurance options. We know that reviewing your Life Insurance can be an annoying, confusing and undesired experience, but it could also be one of the most important time commitments you make! Having financial stability is essential for your family to continue paying the bills if you were to pass away.

The following 6 thoughts are written to help you understand what you should consider when… Read more.


Personal Insurance Advice

One of the many advantages of working with Life Assurance is access to advice from New Zealand's leading Insurance companies. We provide insurance advice to help you make the best insurance decisions at the right insurance price. Our free insurance solutions will save time and money, but importantly, ensure you have the best insurance protection available cost effectively.

Life Insurance Cover 

Although we can't prevent what life has in store for you, we aim to protect your family financially if a terminal scenario enfolds with fit for purpose life insurance cover. 

Terminal Illness Protection 

Should a terminal illness be diagnosed with less than a 12 month life expectancy*, the right insurance cover can offer your family the insurance protection required to ease financial stresses associated with terminal events.

Disability Insurance Cover 

Disability insurance provides peace of mind in the event you're no longer able to work as a result of a qualifying accident or illness. Additional specific illness benefits can provide lump sum insurance payouts when needed most.

Insurance Protection when it counts

Let Us Help Protect What Matters Most To You

Whether you need Trauma insurance to protect your loved ones, a lump sum Life insurance policy in the case of tragedy or auto and home insurance to protect your assets, Life Assurance are here to help! We can provide the insurance advice required to help you make informed insurance decisions and save you money on your insurance premiums.

We would love the opportunity to help with your specific and unique needs. Contact us today to find insurance options right for you, your family, business or belongings.

“...thanks so much for all your help. We think you guys are brilliant and are happy to refer you to everyone we know! We felt so looked after through the entire claims process and you're help ensuring the claim was paid promptly made the whole process so much more bearable. Thanks again.
Lisa Milns - Zeal Construction

Discover which policies might work for you

Customised Insurance Advice Specific to Your Family - Business - Financial Plan

Allow us to help you find insurance cover that protects your family, business, employees, income, health or life-style. Our free insurance advice service excludes up-front charges, so it costs you nothing to speak with our team as you seek the insurance protection that best meets your needs. 


Protect your family from funeral costs


Adding value to your employees!


A lump sum payment when needed most


Enhanced treatment options / Immediate access


Protect your generational legacy


Providing flexible, financial, future cover options


Trauma and Life benefit options for your children


A financial safety net should you be disabled

Life Assurance - Helping take the stress out of stressful situations

Making an Insurance Claim

We know that when the time comes to make an insurance claim, you want to be able to do so quickly and without hassle. Life Assurance work WITH you when you need us most - handling your insurance claim on your behalf when tragedy strikes, to take the stress out of the insurance claims process and ensuring you get what you're entitled to.


    We're serious about helping your business succeed in every way possible. Ensuring you'll be covered against all eventualities, so that even if worse comes to worst - your business insurance will protect against loss.


    We’ll go out of our way to give you an awesome house insurance, contents insurance and valuable assets insurance package, working with insurance providers who recognise what's important to you to ensure you're covered when it really counts!


    Many of us consider insurance cover for assets we accumulate over our life times, while failing to recognise what is most valuable to us today, #YourHealth! Private Medical insurance alleviates the financial burden experienced when your health deteriorates!

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