• About Us
    Providing insurance advice to personal, commercial
    and corporate clients.
    Helping families get the most value out of their financial services is at the heart of
    everything we do. Life Assurance provide advice on the products and services available
    to you to help mitigate the stress encountered when something out of the blue
    occurs - and to alleviate the financial impact on your family!
  • About Us
    Providing insurance advice to personal, commercial
    and corporate clients.
    What is 'Insurance'?
    Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy - in which an individual or entity
    receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance provider.
    Life Assurance relish the opportunity to help you make the best decisions when choosing
    the insurance cover for your unique situation!
  • About Us
    Providing insurance advice to personal, commercial
    and corporate clients.
    Why Life Assurance?
    We offer a broad spectrum of insurance solutions to private individuals, families and
    corporate customers throughout New Zealand. We genuinely care about your well-being
    and take the opportunity to provide you protection against business hardship,
    disablement, critical illness or the loss of a loved one seriously!
  • About Us
    Providing insurance advice to personal, commercial
    and corporate clients.
    Is Insurance Worth It?
    Do you grudgingly invest in personal risk protection or cover for your business? Don't worry,
    we grudgingly take out OUR personal cover too! But when we consider what could happen
    to our families, health, business or assets - it brings insurance costs back into perspective!
About Life Assurance & Our Insurance Advice

Auckland's Premier Life Insurance & Health Insurance Advisers

At Life Assurance, our focus is all about you - our valuable clients!  Individuals, families, organisations and entities - Life Assurance strive to provide our clients with the advice and support required when trauma strikes. Built on a foundation of providing sound, solid and reliable insurance service of the highest professional and ethical standards to those who require insurance protection, Life Assurance values integrity, clear communication, honesty and trustworthiness.

Today we've earned the trust of people just like you. People have been, and always will be our primary focus. As individuals, family groups or employees part of large multi-national organisations, Life Assurance will always strive to put your needs first as the core of our culture. 

We're here to help when you need us - for help, guidance, service and claims. If you're yet to experience our friendly and comprehensive service, we look forward to doing life together soon!

Our Mission

To consistently provide relevant, sound and reliable customer-oriented Insurance Services of the highest professional and ethical standards!

Our Values


For Life Assurance, excellence is at the heart  of all we do in order to meet & exceed the highest expectations of our clients, partners and the insurance community.


We value and uphold the highest level of integrity in every aspect of our business dealings - from the smallest cover options through to our large corporate schemes.


We actively promote professionalism through exemplary conduct, deportment, attitude, ethical and moral standards and anticipatory support.


We see clear, intentional and efficient communication and feedback between parties as the most effective way to establish successful outcomes - our goal is to keep all parties 'in the loop' from start to finish.


We are passionately committed to uphold and outwork the Vision and Values of the company, to ensure we provide excellence in Customer Satisfaction.


Our goal is to provide superior customer service by ensuring Life Assurance team members are appropriately trained and are receiving regular personal and holistic development.

Protect Your Business Today

Life Assurance provide the advice required to make the best decisions as you consider your Risk Protection options.
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  • Nationwide Service Cover, Auckland based offices.