Providing a financial safety net if injury or sickness were to stop you from working

Why Income Insurance or Mortgage Insurance Cover Is So Important

If sickness or injury were to render you incapable of maintaining your income – are you protected from the financial struggle you may face?

Providing an income is the most important asset you and your families have. Losing that income, due to sickness or injury, for a prolonged amount of time, will have devastating consequences on financial potential and subsequently on your lifestyle.

Our goal is to point clients to the best cover at the best price. We also consider other income related expenses you may incur and where possible help you offset those costs against your insurance premiums – we’re so good at this, that for some clients these savings equate to FREE income insurance! There are a number of ways to offset personal expenses, the primary being expensive ACC levies, to help you to get cheap insurance or as mentioned free income insurance.

Income insurance, often called disability protection, provides a safety net and protection against loss of income and should be a priority in your financial plan. At Life Assurance, we’re discouraged to note this important type of risk protection is misunderstood and subsequently as few as 15% of Kiwi’s have taken out income protection. We always ask those without cover “how would you/your family cope if you were to suffer a long term illness that limited your ability to earn an income? Say a stroke that left you partially paralysed…” It’s a good idea for us all to ask the question, and if the answer worries you – talk to us today about getting together for a free insurance review.

Disability insurance cover ensures that, should you become temporarily or permanently disabled, you can continue to meet your mortgage repayments, education costs, medical bills, and other day-to-day expenses as well as maintain your familiar routine and tick off your bucket list throughout your treatment and recovery.

“How would your family cope if you were to suffer a long term illness that limited your ability to earn an income? Say a stroke that left you partially paralysed?”


Your ability to earn an income is your family’s most important asset. Income Protection provides peace of mind and financial support in times of need by giving you the finances required to accomplish your lifestyle essentials and aspirations.
Disability Cover provides up to 75% of your pre-disability earnings in a monthly payment, presenting you and your family with the satisfaction that:
  • Income Insurance will pay a monthly payment until you are able to return to work.
  • Expenses such as mortgage, grocery and internet bills can be paid for with Income Protection.
  • Specified illnesses can result in a lump sum payment irrespective of actually taking time off work.
  • There is a safety net to fall back on so that during your recovery you are able to maintain your lifestyle to the level of your sum insured.



Why Life Assurance

Getting the appropriate Income Protection, understanding the various benefits offered by the multitude of Income Insurance Providers, ascertaining the right level of cover, if a claim is taxable or non-taxable and a multitude of other considerations can be a difficult task by yourself which could leave you vulnerable or exposed to financial shortfall if done incorrectly.

Life Assurance specialise in providing Income Insurance advice that’s easy to understand and looks after you when needed. We all have different needs so our insurance brokers take in to account your current situation, the possibility to offset other expenses you may incur against your private income protection and any plans or goals you may have to help create an Income Protection package tailored to your needs and budget. Our goal is to ensure that should anything happen that limits your ability to earn an income your family’s finances are protected with the help appropriate Income Cover.