The protection your family truly needs to combat injury & illness

Why Critical Illness Cover?

No one likes considering that we can be personally effected by critical illness or trauma, but the reality is we all live with the risk of being diagnosed with a critical illness and some point.

If you were to suffer from sickness, especially a long term debilitating or life restricting illness, how would your family cope supporting you in your time of need as well as maintaining the family finances? More importantly, what sort of lifestyle could you expect to lead?

Trauma cover, also known as ‘Critical Illness’ cover, provides a lump sum financial safety net in the event that one of the covered illnesses or conditions is diagnosed. These conditions can be serious and are often life threatening. As a result, Critical Illness cover helps alleviate financial impact whilst providing the ability to consider alternative treatments, pay off dept, or simply cross items off a bucket list… the choice is yours, but no one should journey through life without this valuable risk protection.

Provides a lump sum financial safety net in the event that one of the covered illnesses or conditions is diagnosed.


We all know that having cancer, being physically impaired or experiencing a stroke can put you and your family’s life on a standstill. This is where Trauma cover really earns its value, providing:
  • A lump sum for a wide range of specified critical illnesses.
  • Finances you can use on non-pharmac approved treatments, family holidays, acquisitions or debt reduction.
  • The opportunity for your spouse or family to take time off work to provide support and care.
  • The ability to reduce your mortgage, purchase an investment property or pay off debt.



Why Life Assurance

Getting the appropriate Trauma Cover can be a difficult task alone, with the process of comparing different insurance provider’s policy wording being a difficult, time consuming and specialised process. Not all insurance company’s policy wording is equal, so the decision should never be based upon price alone or you may find at claim time your condition doesn’t meet the policy definitions.

Our aim is to work with you, providing income protection advice that will remove the stress from making the best decision for your circumstances.

Life Assurance are here to make your life easier, safer and simpler. We all have different needs, so our insurance brokers take into account your current situation and future family plans. Our goal is to provide income insurance advice that ensures your financial protection should anything happen, restricting your ability to earn an income.

Our advisers compare various Disability Insurance options from leading Medical Insurance Companies and present you with the best option available for your personal income protection needs.