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Why Private Medical Insurance?

Many Kiwi’s assume that when needed, ACC or the public health system will sort them out. However, in many situations this isn’t the case – which is why healthcare is a major political point during election time – because thousands of everyday New Zealand residents are waiting for all sorts of medical treatments. ‘Urgent’ care may be available for acute injuries or life-threatening medical situations, but for non-urgent conditions, public health care often comes up short, with overworked or inexperienced medical providers and a lack of access to ground-breaking and expensive non-pharmac approved treatments, which is where those with Private Medical Insurance see the benefit in their private health cover.

In New Zealand, we’re fortunate to have a high standard of health care for all New Zealander’s however the demand for medical treatment continues to increase faster than the country’s ability to fund it, creating long waiting lists for many private medical treatments.

Private Medical Insurance is designed to provide the access to your choice of New Zealand’s most experienced medical professionals and revolutionary medical treatments, while avoiding lengthy waiting lists and unforeseen medical bills.

The demand for medical treatment continues to increase faster than the country’s ability to fund it.

Private Medical Benefits

Private Medical Insurance cover provides access to quality medical care, reduced waiting periods and a myriad of additional benefits, giving you the confidence that you’ll have access to New Zealand’s best health care should the worst happen.
Some special benefits include:
  • Avoiding long public hospital waiting lists, providing access to more immediate treatment.
  • Options to have treatment overseas.
  • Provides Medsafe approved treatments the public health system doesn’t cover, offering options for newer generation.



Costs you may have to pay without Private Medical Insurance

Below are a variety of common treatments that are commonly claimed with New Zealand’s Private Medical Insurance Providers.


Private Medical Insurance allows more immediate access to a broader range of treatment options than available in the public health system.

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Why Life Assurance

At Life Assurance, our insurance specialists work with you to determine the best private medical insurance product for you and your families protection. Buying private medical insurance can be difficult and confusing to understand. How much insurance do you need? What insurance company provides the best policy wording? Are you getting the best cover for the best price? Is there cover for your pre-existing medical condition? All questions our team will provide answers to, helping you make informed decisions as we seek to save you money with lower private medical insurance premiums.

Our team are experts in the market. We provide advice to help you understand who the best insurance company is for your needs. We compare various health insurance products and their benefits from leading NZ Private Medical Insurance Companies to ensure your health insurance is fit for purpose.